Open Classroom

The Open Classroom – Our School-Based Non-Governmental Organization

Activities in The Neighborhood


      Annual Spelling Bee Competition at LEA Primary School, Ungwar Rimi, Kaduna
      Free Early Childhood Education and Adult Literacy at the Rugan Fulani Community School, Kaduna
      Literacy and Music training at the Kaduna State School for Special Education and the Demonstration School for the Deaf, Kaduna
      LEA Spelling Bee Competition, 2019
      LEA Spelling Bee Competition, 2017
      LEA Spelling Bee Competition, 2013

    The Open Classroom is an active NGO in Kaduna State, promoting quality education, community development, children’s welfare and raising awareness on the neglect and decay of public education. Our recent activities include:

    1. Conducting Spelling Bee Competitions at L.E.A. Ungwar Rimi Primary School, Kaduna (2007 to date)

    2. Providing free school supplies to students of L.E.A. Ungwar Rimi Primary School

    3. Training all Primary students, from Primary 1 to Primary 6, at L.E.A. Ungwar Rimi Primary school to read, write, spell and prepare them for the annual Spelling Bee Competition.

    4. Distributing free school supplies donated by Essence PTA and many generous donors including from Her Excellency Mrs. Amina Namadi Sambo,  Thurgood Marshall Middle School (USA) and the Work-to-Ride Non-profit (USA).

    5. Establishing a free community school, Rugan Fulani Community School, for a Fulani clan and their neighbors. This school provides free instruction in basic literacy for early learners, adolescents and adults. A hot meal is provided 3 times a week for the students. 

    6. Teaching music and basic literacy in sign language at the Kaduna State School for Special Education (KASSES) and the Demonstration School for the Deaf.

    For more information on our activities, you can contact The Open Classroom at