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Essence School Trips and Excursions


EIS School Trip to Johannesburg, South Africa

The school trip to South Africa in 2016 involved 6 staff and 23 students. It was an excellent opportunity to visit historical sites, experience South African culture and enjoy the sights and sounds!


EIS School Trip to Salvador, Brazil

EIS organized an educational and cultural exchange visit to Salvador, Brazil. The trip was designed to provide EIS staff, parents and students the opportunity to experience the rich history, culture and diversity of Brazil’s people, particularly those with African roots. EIS sponsored 6 teachers – Vice Principal Mr. Seth, Mr. Olusola, Mr. Abinna, Mrs. Ajisafe, Mrs. Solomon, and Mr. Ajayi. The teachers are members of the school’s Yoruba Club and Cultural Troupe. They were accompanied by Mrs. Hadiza Ali, Vice President of EIS PTA and a student Miss. Nissam Sambo. In Brazil, the EIS team visited several schools, including Escola Parque, a large public school dedicated to inculcating artistic skills. Other institutions included Ile Aiye, Benin House and Escola Municipal Padre Ugo Meregalli. They also visited Nigeria House in Salvador. While in Brazil, the team participated in teaching classes, and sharing their knowledge of Nigerian culture, including food and traditional music.

The Principal of EIS is an officer (Vice President) of the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs in Philadelphia, USA. She has visited Salvador twice as a guest speaker for two international conferences. One of the outcomes of the conferences was the desire to establish and nurture cultural and linguistic links between professionals in Africa and Brazil. Our Yoruba cultural troupe is in the vanguard of this movement.

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