Application Process


  1. Purchase the application Form for the Entrance Exam. This is N5,000 and must be deposited in the school’s bank accounts. The bank teller receipt must be submitted to the school along with a completed form to register for the Entrance exam.
  2. The entrance form must be submitted with passport photos, immunization and birth records (for Nursery students) and previous school records (for Primary and Secondary Students).
  3. Every year, Essence holds 3 entrance examinations into Essence Nursery, Primary and Secondary. There is usually 1 exam in each of the summer months: June, July and August. Dates for the exams will be available on the website and notices will be available in the school offices.
  4. All interested students for Primary and Secondary must be available on the day of the exam. Primary students are assessed in Math and English. Secondary students are assessed in Math, English, Global Knowledge and Essay. Nursery II students are assessed individually by the Nursery administrators. Parents need to schedule an assessment with the school.
  5. The results of the entrance exam are pasted in the school offices 1 week after the exam. It will indicate the grades for the specific exams and also if the student has qualified for admission.
  6. An admission letter is sent to all students who have passed the entrance exam.